National Arts in Education Week

September 5, 2017

September 10-16, 2017Americans for the Arts believes in the transformative power of the arts in education and is committed to advancing policies which ensure equitable access to arts education for America’s learners in numerous ways.

National Arts in Education Week is supported by Americans for the Arts on behalf of the field of arts education to bring visibility to the cause, unify stakeholders with a shared message, and provide the tools and resources for local leaders to advance arts education in their communities. Those interested in the field-wide celebrations can visit www.NationalArtsInEducationWeek.org for more information.

Americans for the Arts also celebrates with its members through in-person events and online professional development opportunities.

During the week, Americans for the Arts plans to co-host events with members such as 92nd St Y in New York City; the Arts Education Collaborative in Pittsburgh, PA; the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland, OR; Arts Huntsville in Huntsville, AL; and Polk Arts Alliance in Lakeland, FL.

Each weekday during National Arts In Education Week, from September 11–15, Americans for the Arts will host its own celebration of the transformative power of the arts in education. Sign up to hear from experts about the research and strategies for specific topics of inclusive arts education. These daily webinars will be held at 3:00 p.m. (ET) and last no more than 30 minutes. To continue the conversation, join Jeff M. Poulin (@JeffMPoulin) and special guests for an #ArtsEdChat from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. (ET) by following a specified hashtag each day. Register for the events today. You can either view them live or throughout the week. The topics include:

  • Monday, September 11: Arts Education for Incarcerated Youth. Register now for the webinar and #ArtsEdChat!
  • Tuesday, September 12: Arts Education for Students with Disabilities. Register now for the webinar and #ArtsEdChat!
  • Wednesday, September 13: Arts Education for English Language Learning. Register now for the webinar and #ArtsEdChat!
  • Thursday, September 14:  Arts Education for LGBT Youth. Register now for the webinar and #ArtsEdChat!
  • Friday, September 15: Arts Education for Native American Youth. Register now for the webinar and #ArtsEdChat!

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