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Glacier Drawings to Raise Awareness

September 30, 2017

Zaria Forman

First of all, Zaria’s art is amazing. Her use of pastels provides a photographic quality that is soft and light. And, the places that her art takes her to is inspirational to anyone wishing to engage in real world learning. Her journey as an artist takes “expeditionary learning” to a new level. In addition, she is documenting so others can see and learn what is happening at a basic level. She spent four weeks on a National Geographic boat exploring amazing areas in Antarctica and Greenland. And she returns to these areas, this time flying overhead with NASA’s Operation IceBridge.

In her words: “I hope my drawings serve as records of landscapes in flux, documenting the transition, and inspiring our global community to take action for the future.”

I am sure once you view her work you’ll want to share with your students!

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