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Saving Stuff to Make Art

November 25, 2017


Visual Art teachers have their eyes open to turning something that they ‘see’ or ‘do’ into an idea for a lesson. This story is about a veteran nurse in Toronto who turned refuse into a mural. For 28 years Tilda Shalof collected items from her work – plastic items including caps, connectors, stoppers, and much more. The things that are left over from treating some of the sickest patients.

She was going to leave her hospital job in the ICU and met with a friend, an artist, to create a mural that used over 100,000 of the colorful items. The art work is installed in the Toronto General Hospital and measures 4 feet high by 9 feet long. When Tilda looks at the items she is reminded of the patients and how all of the items represent the work and care that a hospital staff provides to patients.

You can read the article from the Toronto Star and watch the video at THIS LINK.

Sharing this article and/or video could be an inspiration for your students.

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