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Cool Classroom Posters

November 27, 2017

Bobbi Tardif shared

While visiting Sedomocha School on the day music educator and Maine Arts Leadership Initiative (MALI) Teacher Leader Kaitlin Young was named Maine’s 2018 Teacher of the Year I visited Bobbi Tardif’s art classroom. It reminded me of the room that I taught in for many years. Previously the home of an Industrial Arts or Industrial Technology class. Bobbi has transformed her space into an alive and stimulating yet calming and pleasant learning environment.

Bobbi had amazing posters and she was kind enough to send me a follow up email with the information so I can share it with you. Thank you Bobbi!



ARTIST room rules poster.

Perhaps you have posters in your classroom that are similar in nature. Please do share the information for others to learn from, below in the Comment section or please email me at so I can share. Thanks!

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