Ticket to Ride Funding

January 16, 2018

It’s back!!!

The Maine Arts Commission is once again accepting applications for Ticket to Ride thanks to the generous support of the Betterment Fund and proceeds from The Art of Giving Gala sponsored by DownEast Magazine.


The application process has changed!! Applications will be submitted using the Maine Arts Commission Grants Management System (GMS). Please do not use old Ticket to Ride applications. Tips for applying are below!


The Ticket to Ride program provides funding to defray the cost of travel for Maine schools wishing to visit Maine arts based venues and events as part of a well-rounded curriculum. The goals of the trip should support student learning and be aligned with Maine’s Visual and/or Performing Arts Standards.

Any PK-12 school in Maine is eligible to receive support of up to $300 each school year and any PK-12 school in Maine with a documented free and reduced lunch student population of 50 percent or greater is eligible to receive support of up to $500 each school year.


Students at the Portland Museum of Art from the Self Directed Studio Art class at Gardiner Area High School


  • Completed applications will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and will be approved by the Maine Arts Commission’s Director of Arts in Education upon receipt.
  • Applications are accepted throughout the year and funding will be made available approximately one month after they are submitted.
  • Within three weeks following your trip, the Maine Arts Commission requires the submission of follow-up documentation that includes teacher feedback and student work samples of the experience. A link to the Follow-up Form is provided in the Ticket to Ride funding approval email.
  • Alert your district that you’re submitting an application
  • Schools may apply more than once a year as long as they are applying to attend a different event or bringing a different student population. And, provided there is funding still available for your school.


The Maine Arts Commission respectfully requests that Ticket to Ride funds not be used to replace existing transportation funds in school budgets but rather to supplement them when necessary. Schools are welcome to use Ticket to Ride funds in combination with transportation funds that may be available from individual Maine arts based venues and events. Be sure and check with the venue for funding.


The following tips will help when you get to the application in the GMS. Please gather the information needed so when you get to the application you’ll have it ready. The system is designed to accommodate all the grants the Maine Arts Commission awards, so some terms and fields may seem not descriptive for schools.

  • Email – Person with whom we will contact throughout the grant process
  • DUNS Number – Does not apply to schools – please enter “0”
  • First Name, Last Name – Contact person at the school
  • Contact Email – Same as above email
  • Address, City, State, Zip, Phone – Of the school that will receive the funds
  • % of Free & Reduced Lunch – This information is available in your school or district
  • Vendor Code – Check with your school or district office to obtain


For questions and assistance, please contact Argy Nestor, Director of Arts Education, Maine Arts Commission at 287.2713.


  1. Hooray! So glad to hear this, Argy.

    I look forward to sharing the good news as requests come our way.


    Louisa Donelson
    Associate Educator for Youth Learning
    Portland Museum of Art

  2. Thanks for your comment Louisa! And, more importantly, thank you for sharing the information with those inquiring to visit the PMA! ~Argy

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