Congressional Art Awards

February 13, 2018

Students selected

Congratulations to all the Maine students who submitted a work of art and to their teachers who worked with them.

The following Maine students are recognized for their submissions and their work will be shown in the State House, April 2 – May 14, 2018


Winner – Galen Gaze, 12th grade, Toucanana, Brunswick High School Teacher: Colleen Kearney-Graffam


1st runner up – Benjamin Folsom, 12th grade, Disperse, Falmouth High School, Teacher: Susan Morse


2nd runner up – Rachel Walton, 11th grade, Narcissus, Yarmouth High School, Teacher: Holly Houston



Honorable Mention- Chelsea Zhao, 12th grade, Lost in Thought, Falmouth High School, Teacher: Susan Morse



Honorable Mention – Galen Gaze, 12th grade, Innocence is Bliss, Brunswick High School, Teacher: Collen Kearney-Graffam


Honorable Mention – Corilie Green, 11th grade, The Greeter, Freeport High School, Teacher: Kimberly Medsker-Mehalic



Winner – Isobel Straub, 12th grade, Wait, Rangeley Lakes Regional High School, Teacher: Maryam Emami


1st runner up – Pauline Han, 10th grade, Pale Light, Hebron Academy, Teacher: Celeste LaForme


2nd runner– Lizzie Dunn, 11th grade, Sense of Chaos, Houlton Jr Sr High School, Teacher: Cindy Mooers


Honorable Mention- Cara Hu, 11th grade, Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, Hebron Academy, Teacher: Michael Tholen


Honorable Mention – Jasmine Weiang Li, 11th grade, The Chief’s Wife, Hebron Academy, Teacher: Sara Wilmont


Honorable Mention – Yuqing Mao, 11th grade, Inheritance of Life, Gould Academy Teacher: Lauren Head



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