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Winter Break

February 16, 2018

What to do?

I understand historically that winter break was scheduled to help break the spread of germs and the flu. Makes sense to me! I’m sure that it is still needed for that reason with the number of flu cases in Maine still on the rise. If you’re one of the people suffering from the flu please take care of yourself and get well during winter break.

If you’re not sure what your going to do during the next 9 days here are some suggestions. I hope that you’ll take the time to relax, revive, and reflect! And, of course play music, sing, dance, and create in whatever way you choose to. You deserve a break – know that I appreciate what you do each and every day! Thank you teachers!


If you have a wood stove or fire place you know how good it can feel to snuggle up with a book and read by the warmth they provide. I’m always in the middle of a handful of books – depending on what I need at the moment!

  • My professional pile includes the following: Lifelong Kindergarten by Michael Resnick and Creative Schools by Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica
  • For fun I’ve been reading: My Love Affair with the State of Maine by Scotty Mackenzie with Ruth Goode
  • And for my personal health I’ve been reading: The Little Book of Hygge – Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking


The sun is getting stronger and the days a little longer. I know how good both of those feel. Spending time in the fresh air can have a positive impact on our health. Even a short walk can make a difference. But if you want to challenge yourself and have never cross country skied or snow shoed the weather is in your favor with the temperatures on the rise.

If you really want to challenge yourself the ice is pretty good for ice climbing and in some places where the sun has melted the ice and snow, rock climbing is happening. My older son guides those interested in this type of challenge with his business Equinox Guiding Service. He takes   people out so they can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and have a blast. He provides all of the equipment, instruction, and encouragement. You can have little or no knowledge and be successful. I certainly recommend guide Noah Kleiner! Tell Noah I sent you and perhaps you’ll get a discount.


For folks who want to watch the cold weather from the comfort of the couch in front of the television or computer, check out the Olympics. So cool to watch athletes from around the world come together. Just like the ancient Greeks came together so do modern day athletes – to create a space where the whole world can come together to participate in sport, in peace and togetherness. My younger son Nicholas is in PyeongChang, South Korea and is having a memorable experience. He saw the women’s giant slalom and American Mikaela Shiffrin win gold!

Whatever you do during winter break have fun and laugh as much as you can so you can come back to school ready and excited about the next steps of teaching!

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