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March 30, 2018

Retired art teacher Katy Helman

Katy retired from Deer Isle-Stonington High School after 18 years in 2016. What’s she doing now?

Canvases, some still wet with paint, line the walls, the walkway and nearly every flat surface. Big paint tubes are bunched together. Jars full of brushes are nearby.

“I just sort of slather it on,” Helman said. She paints on canvas but won’t pass up a good piece of cardboard. “I’m a very casual applicant of whatever material I’m using. I’m not a precision person. I like to think with my hands.”

Read the entire article in the March 30th Ellsworth American newspaper written by  by CLICKING HERE.


Many know Helman as the former and beloved Deer Isle-Stonington High School art teacher. She retired after 18 years in 2016.



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