Maine’s High School Diploma Standards

April 7, 2018

Contribute your opinion

On Monday, April 9 at 1:30 p.m., Cross Building, room 202, State House complex in August there will be public hearings on two bills that impact Maine education.
  • L.D. 1898 An Act To Amend Maine’s High School Diploma Standards and Ensure Maine Students Meet State Standards upon Graduation Presented by Representative Ginzler of Bridgton
  • L.D. 1900 An Act to Repeal Proficiency-based Diplomas
The Education and Cultural Affairs Committee of the Maine Legislature will hear both written and in-person testimony for bills, either for, against or neither for nor against. If you are interested in providing testimony you may do so in the following ways:
  • Send an email to Jayne Deneen at Jayne.Deneen@legislature.maine.gov with L.D. 1898 or L.D. 1900 in the subject line and she will distribute your testimony to the committee members.
  • Snail mail your testimony to
    Jayne Deneen, Committee Clerk
    Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs
    100 State House Station
    Augusta, ME 04333-0100

    She will distribute your communication to members of the committee.

Read each LD at:

Committee information and the link to listen online is located at:



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