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Best Gift Ever?

May 12, 2018

PBS asked teachers

To finish out Teacher Appreciation Week I just had to share this piece that PBS Education published. They asked teachers: What is the best gift you’ve ever received? The list brought smiles to my face and I’m guessing it may to yours as well. Not to mention the memories about the many students I taught during my 30 years in art classrooms.

During part of my career I packed up my middle school classroom in the middle of the school year (the end of January) and moved to the other middle school in the school district where I was teaching. Just the act of teaching until Friday at 3:00, putting the last box in the overstuffed truck filled with everything in the room (equipment, materials, boxes and boxes of supplies), driving to the other school, unpacking and setting up the classroom in time to teach on Monday morning was enormous. On top of that, the sadness of leaving the students that I had connected with for 18 weeks was the most difficult part. I was always surprised with the send off from students and colleagues and equally surprised with the welcome at the other school. At the time (over 15 years) I had no idea what that experience provided for me. The gifts of relationships and so much more! I still communicate with several of those students and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to teach for so long.

As another Teacher Appreciation Week comes to an end I hope that you’re flying high about your decision to be a teacher and impact the future! Check out the list of “gifts” that these teachers shared at the PBS Education blog.

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