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Eat the Rainbow!

June 25, 2018


In a collaboration between FoodCorps and the Hall School art program, fifth graders (and a few fourth) created almost 64 square feet of “mini masterpieces”, assembled into a colorful and impactful collage.

Students learned the importance of “eating the rainbow” to get a variety of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy body and mind. They applied the color theory they learned in art class with art teacher Lisa Wheeler and what they learned in the school garden with Emily Dufford, the FoodCorps Service Member who is serving the Hall School in year three of a five year program.

Students created over 400 monochromatic resists using crayons and watercolor paint of colorful fruits and vegetables. They saw how individual pieces of art can be combined to make a whole; alone they have little impact but together . . . WOW!

Fifth graders also learned the value in creating art to leave their mark on the Hall School as they depart soon for middle school.

Thank you Lisa Wheeler for providing this information. 

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