Two Success Stories

July 4, 2018

that include a flag and a comic man

Story 1. A 17-year-old student from Lancaster, Ohio, defeated over 1,5000 entries in a nationwide contest to create a new design of the American flag. Our National had added two new states (Hawaii and Alaska), making our flag outdated. A new flag design was needed. Young Robert Heft entered his design as a class assignment in history class. His teacher gave him a grade of B-. She also challenged him… “submit your design to Congress, and if they accept it, I’ll give you a grade of an A!” Not only did young Robert win the national contest, he eventually became a motivational speaker nationally. His design IS the American Flag.

Story 2. Two high school students came up with an idea of creating a comic character that was “super human”… and they were inspired by a man who appeared in circuses as an attraction displaying his strength.” His real name was Zishe Breitbart and the man used “Superman New York” as his mailing address. (WOW!!) FAST FORWARD… these two teenagers decided that their comic “Super Man” would be the Captain of Truth, Justice and the American Way! Not surprisingly, their new comic character was not an “overnight” success. It took these two young men, even after trying “self-publishing,” three long years before finding a publisher (Action Comics).

Source: Caricatures America

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