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Leadership at the MALI Summer Institute

August 1, 2018

In and out of the classroom

Jen Etter, John Morris, Catherine Ring, Kaitlin Young, and Jennie Driscoll

Today at the Maine Arts Leadership Institute (MALI) educators shared their leadership stories. Using Poll Everywhere a live word was created documenting in real time what participants want to see in a leader. What words or phrases do you think outstanding leaders in education should possess?

We explored leadership in the classroom and leadership outside the classroom. One leader said: “Keeping your eyes open to which students needs help is directly connected to student achievement. Formative assessment informs our practices. A leader also tracks what is going on outside the classroom with students AND other teachers and steps in when needed and necessary.”

“Be curious. Be open. Become comfortable with the unknown. Try new things. You don’t know where your leadership path will take you.” ~Jennie Driscoll

“If you are being an example, the empowerment comes.” ~John Morris on his leadership story.

It was a fascinating session – filled with valuable insights. The comments from others addressed the need for strong leaders in the arts. “We need to pay attention to our young teachers and help mentor them.”

Participants had the opportunity to attend 2 of these 3 sessions:

  • Self-help with Elise Rowe
  • Creativity with John Morris and Bronwyn Sale
  • Leadership with Kate Smith and Argy Nestor

Feedback from all three sessions was positive.

The afternoon was spent digging into Logic Model topics and plans. The leaders sought out feedback from critical friends. The topics that the teacher leaders and teaching artist leaders have undertaken

At the end of the day we honored MaryEllen Schaper who just retired after 42 years of teaching. YAHOOO! MaryEllen has been with MALI since the first year when it was called Maine Arts Assessment Initiative (MAAI).

At the end of the day MALI Design Team member Kate Smith said:


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