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End of Week

September 21, 2018

As another week of school comes to an end


  • your week was filled with “ah-ha” moments for you and your students.
  • you had a chance to learn along with your students.
  • the smile on your face has warmed the heart of at least one learner.
  • an administrator or parent or colleague noticed your commitment to arts education and the success of all learners.
  • you realize that the work and play you’re doing is vitally important ‘to today’ and ‘the future’.
  • you remember that its not just about the ‘talented’ kids or the ‘fast learners’ but about all kids reaching their potential.
  • you tell your story of ‘today’ to at least one other person.
  • you know that real collaboration makes teaching fun.
  • you have a chance to reflect on what you did this past week and what you will do in the next week in your classroom.
  • you know that an excellent arts education is a sign of an excellent education.
  • you never forget that students need your very best so they can be their very best!
  • your weekend is filled with laughter and love!
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