Retired Art Teachers

October 3, 2018

What are they up to?

Thanks to retired visual art teacher Diane Noble for providing the following information. In her own words…

The MAEA Retired ART Teachers, along with some family and friends, enjoyed a morning at the Bernard Langlais Sculpture Preserve in Cushing on Friday, September 21. We were greeted by Annette Naegel, Director of Conservation for the Georges River Land Trust, that is in charge of the property and Cynthia, the Education coordinator, and Doug, Conservationist of the sculptures.

Seventeen of us heard from each about how the Langlais sculptures came to be renovated with the aid of the Colby College and the Kohler Foundation, then turned over to the Georges River Land Trust as stewards of the works and property of 160 acres.

We toured his studio, workshop, the barn, the education area and the house.

It’s an amazing place, visited by many school groups. If any Art teachers are interested in visiting the preserve with students please contact Annette Naegel, annette@grlt.org, Georges River Land Trust, Director of Conservation, 207-594-5166.

Ticket to Ride provides funds to travel to places like the Bernard Langlais Sculpture Preserve in Cushing. Please learn more about the Ticket to Ride program on the Maine Arts Commission website. 


  1. A wonderful and dear friend passed away. I met Jim at Haystack back in the late seventies during the MAEA arts conference. We were all “younger” art teachers then, and Jim had a huge presence as his pleasant personality, infectious smile/ laughter, aesthetic sense, and strength in his soul radiating to his body. He mostly hung out with Steve Crannell (spelling?). They would go around to each MAEA workshop to socialize and experiment other workshops besides theirs. I will miss him greatly even though we lost touch since I have retired 3 years ago. My condolences to his family, friends and his students that he mentored.

  2. Thanks Frank for sharing your memories of Jim! And, for sharing the great photos from Haystack, 1998!

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