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The Dad Who Dances

December 20, 2018


I was reminded at the dance performance at Thornton Academy in November of how parents support their children’s passions. While waiting in line for the rest room I found myself in conversation with a woman holding a bouquet of flowers. A dead give away that this was a mom of one of the dancers. I asked her about the support that is necessary that she provides her daughter in order to dance. Turns out that she drives over two hours to get her daughter to and from the dance studio, twice a week, so she can go to dance class. She has two other children and is in graduate school. My response: thank you – I’m sure that it is worth it since your daughter is growing and learning skills that are transferable and will last a lifetime.

The Dad in this video stepped up to support his small child. He clearly went above and beyond and the memories made will last a lifetime! I have to wonder if he is a dancer himself. Thanks to technology, he and his daughter can relive this moment and hopefully the story will be shared multiple times with smiles on both of their faces.

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