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Love Letter to Dance

February 14, 2019

42 American Choreographers

This is so amazing – you’ll want to share this with learners of all ages! And, perhaps share the love with someone you love!

Exquisite Corps: a dance-film of 42 American contemporary choreographers linking together on a chain love letter to dance.

Directed by Mitchell Rose (
Featuring (in order of appearance):
Bebe Miller
David Dorfman
Victoria Marks
Kyle Abraham
Andrea Miller
Joe Goode
Sara Pearson
Pavel Zuštiak
Doug Varone
Liz Lerman
David Rousseve
Kate Weare
Ann Carlson
Stephan Koplowitz
Larry Keigwin
Mark Dendy
Sidra Bell
Vicky Shick
Susan Marshall
Faye Driscoll
Claire Porter
Beth Gill
Jonah Bokaer
Lionel Popkin
Elizabeth Streb
Ivy Baldwin
Jane Comfort
Meredith Monk
Zoe Scofield
Annie-B Parson
Deborah Hay
Miguel Gutierrez
Jamey Hampton
Ashley Roland
John Jasperse
Sean Curran
Neil Greenberg
Pat Graney
Stephen Petronio
Eiko Otake
Daniel Ezralow
Brian Brooks
Music by Robert Een

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