Leadership in Arts Integration

February 21, 2019

Making a difference

Christie-Jo Adams has led the arts education work in the Richmond Public Schools. One school started with low-achievement and was facing closure with only 205 students. Christie infused an arts integration model and the success rate soared and the enrollment went to 410. They were awarded Turn-Around Arts funding which provided funding to fully develop ideas.


  • Engage Stakeholders: Maintain a 360-degree perspective related to stakeholders. Be nimble in the way you engage with them, as resources, support, and advocates.
  • Advocate for Students: Prepare well, take risks, and be ready to face doubt and challenges.
  • Be Brave, Take Risks: Continue to learn the lessons of each success and each failure and carry those lessons forward into your next endeavor.

READ THE STORYfrom Education Week, Leaders to Learn From, February 20, 2019, written by Alyson Klein.

One comment

  1. Inspiring story ! At first glance, I thought it was Richmond, Maine.

    Marie Palluotto

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