Sebago Elementary School

April 1, 2019

Spring Arts Festival

J. Loiselle Grade 2

The students at Sebago Elementary School have been celebrating the arts throughout March, as it is both Music-in-Our-Schools Month and Youth Art Month across the nation. On April 2nd, they will enjoy a final culminating event, which will include art work created by each child in the K-5 school, and musical performances from the ukulele club, chorus, beginner band, and second year band. There will also be art activities for those who attend, including face painting, designing a mug, and Giant Jenga! Be sure to come and explore the works of our talented local demonstrating artists: Kayla Olsen, Richard Allen, Sarah Parrott, and Nancy Fitch.  They will be on hand to share their amazing creations of stained glass, collage, printing, and jewelry making. The event is free and open to the public and will run from 5:30-7:00 pm throughout the school building.

K. Splude, grade 5

A. Dubay, grade 5

Thanks to music educator Jenni Null for providing the information for this blog post!


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