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Dance Could Be the Answer

April 2, 2019

Dance articles and videos

Dance resources come across my desk weekly. I’ve combined them into one blog post for your reading and resource gathering. Teaching Artist Elly Lovin provided the information at the third and fourth bullet below. The last three videos listed are from Big Geek Daddy videos. Wonderful resources!

  • Education Week, October 10, 2018 article called Dance Teacher: Arts Ed. Could Be the Key to Student Engagement, written by Jennifer Jackson. CLICK HERE
  • These  next three resources are from Elly Lovin, a dance educator who is on the Maine Arts Commission Teaching Artist roster. Two years ago she did an amazing semester long residency at East End Community School in Portland with the kindergarten classes.
  • Why Dance is Just as Important as Math in School,  March21, 2018,  written  by  Ken  Robinson  for  TED.  CLICK  HERE.
  • A research paper on the pedagogical practices for dance education to achieve content standards in dance–addressing motor, aesthetic, social, emotional, and cognitive development (pages 1-6 are regarding PreK-1st Grade).  CLICK HERE.
  • Snowball (TM) gets down to Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust.” Please visit our web site to purchase Snowball DVDs, shirts, and other items.
  • Dancers Nils and Bianca deliver a wonderfully entertaining dance performance at the Rock That Swing Festival. The 2018 Rock That Swing Festival was held at Deutsches Theater in Germany and featured many fine dancers but this dance performance set to Bruce Channel’s hit tune from the 1960s’, “Hey Baby”.ROCK THAT SWING DANCE
  • Dancers Tanya and Sondre deliver a wonderfully entertaining Lindy Hop performance at the Rock That Swing Festival. The 2017 Rock That Swing Festival was held at Deutsches Theater and featured many fine dancers but this dance performance set to “Fly Me To The Moon” was one of the best.CHECK OUT TANYA AND SONDRE
  • The Charleston Finals – filmed at the Snowball 2013, Stockholm, Sweden.CHECK OUT THE VIDEO

Poetry Out Loud Recording

April 2, 2019

Live Streamed

If you missed the Maine Poetry Out Loud (POL) State Finals that were held on Monday, March 11 you can see the BRTV recording that was live streamed. The state finals opened with the Messalonskee Jazz Band under the direction of music educator Andrew Forster.

Archived on the Maine Arts Commission Facebook page.

Joao Victor, 2019 Maine Poetry Out Loud Champion

Bill Green, who served as the emcee for the state finals, provided a POL segment on his weekend show Bill Green’s Maine News Center. It’s a wonderful summary of the event – VIEW IT HERE. Thank you Bill for doing such a great job!

The Maine Arts Commission is creating Maine videos to provide resources for students and teachers participating in the POL program. The FIRST VIDEO is available on Pace. It includes three Maine high school students, Allan Monga, Deering High School, Portland, the 2018 Maine State Champ and 1st runner-up from 2019, Emma Lombardo, Westbrook High School, a State Finalist for the 2018 and Wyatt Bates, Yarmouth High School, Regional Finalist in 2018 and 2019.  More videos will be created and all of them will be available on the Maine Arts Commission Poetry Out Loud webpage.

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