PumpkinFest 2019

April 14, 2019


PUMPKINFEST 2019 volunteers are at work and efforts are underway to host another great festival for Damariscotta, the State of Maine, and all of New England. You’re invited to participate in the annual t-shirt design contest – with a $500 prize.   This year marks the 13th anniversary of the festival to celebrate The Pumpkin. In 2018 the festival recruited many new artists for the t-shirt design contest and artist volunteers who paint, decorate, and carve the giant pumpkins. Maine artists are a major contributor to the huge success of the festival. Tens of thousands of photographs of our artists’ pumpkin street art are taken each year. These photos are saved, shared and circulated worldwide. Also, there are photographs posted around the world of the visitors who are wearing PUMPKINEST apparel manufactured with the festival design created by the contest’s winning artist.

Listed below are important schedule dates for the 2019 Artist Events.

  • MONDAY – 17 JUNE 2019:  T- Shirt Design Contest Submission Deadline
  • FRIDAY – 11 OCTOBER 2019:  Artists at Work – Pumpkin painting, decorating and carving
  • THURSDAY – 24 OCTOBER THROUGH WEDNESDAY – 30 OCTOBER 2019:  Street art pumpkins will be removed and disposed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact John Bristol at estancia@gvtc.com. If you’re going to participate in the t-shirt design please email John.

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