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Pioneer Works

May 20, 2019


Located in a warehouse in Brooklyn, NY is Pioneer Works. It has an open floor plan that creates a collaborative environment. It also hosts a number of events, educational programs, performances, residencies and exhibitions across disciplines.

Blue Hills, Yellow Tree, present exhibit by Sally Saul, at Pioneer Works

The director of Pioneer Works, Janna Levin, says: “Science is a part of culture. We’re here, just like the artists are here, just like the musicians are here and the writers, the photographers, designers and tech guys.” 

The founder of Pioneer Works, Dustin Yellin, wanted the arts and science to come together in one place. Yellin believes: “The only way you can change the world is by getting people together. The arts and sciences are our greatest soil to build community. I think when you get different kinds of people coming together, then you create a crucible for new ideas. And that’s where people can learn.”

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