June 1, 2019

Oceanside High School art club

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation is pleased to present Entwined, curated by Oceanside High School’s Art Club students. The exhibition is the result of a year-long curatorial collaboration between the Foundation and Oceanside High School. Guided by Ellis-Beauregard Foundation program director Leith MacDonald and Oceanside art teachers, Jared Cowan and Lily Hyde, Art Club students had access to Ellis-Beauregard Foundation’s art collection and worked hands-on with the art and database, developing the skills necessary to bring an art exhibition to life: art handling, establishing a theme, selecting and placing appropriate work, didactics, checklists, registrar methods, framing, wall text, invitations, press release, opening reception. The group also took field trips to Mass MoCA, Clark Art Institute, Portland Museum of Art, Maine College of Art and the University of New England Art Gallery and Library speaking with docents and curators, gaining an inside look at the curatorial process.

“This exhibition explores the connections between John David Ellis’ and Joan Beauregard’s paintings. Entwined is the emerging theme of two souls entwined in concept and color. The exhibition is an exploration in color and how the Oceanside students perceive color combinations. John David Ellis and Joan Beauregard have created pieces with stark color differences. Many of the pieces can be considered abstract; conceptual and changing depending on who is looking at them. Collectively, entwined, the pieces open the possibilities of the human mind – bursting with color and free of the boundaries of rules “ comments Jose Pereira.

An opening reception for Entwined will be at the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation, 11 Knowlton Street, Rockland, June 7, from 4-7 p.m. After the reception the exhibition will be available by appointment only. For more information contact Donna McNeil.

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