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Welcome Back!

September 1, 2019

Another school year underway

Welcome Back! It won’t be long now and everyone will be back in school throughout Maine and across the country. Teacher workshops are underway and the first reports I’m getting from teachers – people are preparing and excited! Perhaps you are happy about returning or maybe you’re feeling the opposite. One thing is for sure, the weather this summer has been outstanding (once summer arrived). Lots of blue sky, sunshine, and not too warm (only 1 week of humidity in the mid-coast).

Perhaps you’re in need something to help you adjust to returning to the classroom. If you’re looking for inspiring education websites check out Teacher2Teacher. The images embedded in this post are from the site. I’ve included information on the HundrED in the past, filled with innovative ideas that are sure to send your mind spinning.

Considering what to teach, what changes you will make, and how you’ll leap into another school year – 2019-2020? I suggest journaling or creating artwork to help wrap your head around the task in front of you. Perhaps you’re at a place in your teaching career that you’d like to share your ideas with other educators. Consider selling your lessons/units online to other teachers, there are several websites. Or consider starting a blog for your own ideas or your students. Or how about starting a podcast? As you start this year, below are some questions to consider:

  • What led you to teaching in the first place? How do you maintain the passion?
  • In what ways will you start the school year? Will you change something? What have you found works over the year and what hasn’t?
  • What has inspired you during your summer break that may influence your teaching? How can you incorporate your excitement into your everyday school work?
  • How can you establish keep a growth mindset throughout the school year OR from year to year?
  • We know how important a sense of humor is as a teacher. What’s a funny story from your classroom experience?
  • How do you learn your students names?
  • What are you going to do to establish relationships with your students?
  • What will you do to champion your students this year?

Establishing a relationship with every student can be difficult if you’re an elementary music or art teacher or if you have a band or chorus with over 100 students. We know that this is critical to encourage learning and success. Each student needs a champion and I’m not referring to the learners who are traditionally “good” kids. Every student deserves YOUR BEST so they can provide THEIR BEST! Collaborate with your colleagues and figure out how to be sure that each student has a champion!

Rita Pierson, in her TED Talk, reminds us that every kid needs a champion. I’ve posted this before but it’s worth watching at the beginning of a new school year.

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