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Impacts of the Teacher

September 2, 2019

The future

Molders of the Future 

Most folks well worth the memory,

have statues carved in stone.

But teachers mold their monuments

in living flesh and bone.

The student who goes out in life

and makes a well known name

Admits unto the heart of it all,

some teachers shares the fame.

I never hear a pianist

with talent true and rare

But in the shadows I can see,

a teacher standing there.

No skillful doctor ever saved

the lives of human kind,

Without the seeds some teacher stored

within that fertile mind.

No actor, writer, carpenter,

no boxer you’ll allow

Pursues his chosen field unless

some teacher showed him how.

Lawyers, doctors, engineers,

all who are beloved by men,

Remember what some teacher taught

and quote it now and then.

Yes, teachers mold their monuments.

They build them year by year.

Not like the ancient pyramids,

so awesome and austere.

Which time and time will were away;

but spurning solemn stone,

Our teachers mold eternally

In living flesh and bone.

~ Margaret Rorke

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