September 11, 2019

Talk about rhythm

Sweetland School “cups” song

Here’s an idea for including everyone in the school – students of all ages, including adult staff participation. It’s the cup song, I’m sure many of you are familiar with it and perhaps you’ve done it with your students or your entire school. (If so, would love to hear about it and please send photos). My friend Anne Kofler, whose birthday was on Monday, would have loved this. She was all about collaboration and working on projects that everyone could contribute. On the first day at Sweetland School, where I am working now, we all joined in to learn it. love the version that is set to a song about learning the water cycle. Fun learning!

Below there are three resources! The first link below is an excellent tutorial on learning the cup song pattern. The next three provide other favorite resources of mine. If learning it is a challenge – please keep practicing – take it from me, it’s worth it!


The ORIGINAL water cycle song.


These two take the cups to a new level of collaboration and performing with cups.


Another one called Body Percussion which has the tutorial and the musical patterns is included as well. The kinesthetic learners love this.

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