Boatlift Story

September 12, 2019


The date 9/11 reminds me how quickly time passes – it’s hard to believe that it’s been 18 years since that day in 2001. The reality that there aren’t any young people presently in grades PK-12 that were alive in 2001 is mind boggling. What’s our role as educators in relation to history that we lived through but was years before our current students? Hmmmm, good opportunity to pause and ask the question!

Consider using this video as a teacher resource. It’s called ‘Boatlift’ and it is the story about how people who own boats saw a need to help others on 9/11. The kindest of strangers, reaching out to take care of others in need. No hesitation, not looking to be heroes, not expecting payment, just doing it.  Because they could and they knew it was the right thing to do!

For those of us who were alive on September 11, 2001 this video provides a chance to pause and remember. Many of us were forever changed by the actions on that day.

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