Grocery Store Opera

September 25, 2019

London Flash Mob

How wonderful is this?!! Please share with your students!


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!


    Kim Bernard 207-651-6593 http://www.kimbernard.com >

  2. Hi Argy,

    This is my favorite:

    This came up right after your earlier piano two dozen hands video – a flash mob of elementary and middle school kids doing the Toreador song from Bizet’s Carmen. I watch it at least once a day when I need a break from writing.

    I sent it to Kendra, and Sadie (9) and Angelyn (6) just said ‘wow!’

    I think it would be a good one for elementary and middle school music teachers.

    Hugs from The Haven,




  3. Me tooooo!

  4. Thanks so much for sending this Bill! It is wonderful. I’ve seen another flash mob in the same location and posted it which had only adult performers, if I remember correctly. Looks like a very large mall and great location for flash mobs that reaches a large audience.

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