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AFTA Advisory Councils

September 26, 2019

Looking for leaders

Americans for the Arts is looking for arts leaders across the country to serve on four of our Advisory Councils. These Advisory Councils are comprised of field leaders who help guide Americans for the Arts’ programs and services that will build essential capacities, spark necessary conversations, and forge deeper connections in the arts field. Nominate yourself or a colleague today! Deadline for nominations: October 4, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. EST. You must be a member of AFTA to be nominated.

The Arts Education Advisory Council advises Americans for the Arts’ staff on trends in the field to create programs and services that will build a deeper connection to the field and the Arts Education Network. Council members are involved in:

  1. Participating in a council committee to work on projects such as:
    1. Selecting the Arts Education Leadership Award recipient planning the winter council meeting, and reviewing nominations for new council members, etc.
    2. Advising on communications strategies to reach broader audiences in the arts education, and related fields.
    3. Contribute to professional development offerings through ArtsU, publications, and the annual convention.
  2. Advising staff on large scale projects, such as:
    1. Creative Youth Development Toolkit
    2. STEAM initiatives
    3. The Arts Education Navigator
    4. Future publications
  3. Participating in Americans for the ARTSblog, including writing and responding to posts, participating in blog salons, etc.
  4. Participating and supporting network-specific programs such as National Arts in Education Week and more.

More information on the councils is located at THIS LINK

I presently serve on the Arts Education Council; don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have questions.

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