Simon & Garfunkel

December 1, 2019

The Sound of Silence

OK, I admit it – this song takes me back many years. Never gets old for me!


  1. Heavenly! For a moment I was 14 again, sitting in the third row of Boston’s Symphony Hall listening to them and being transported to Paradise. They were the best duo ever…

  2. A particularly meaningful song during our present political environment. You should check out a couple of “covers”, one by Disturbed (a couple of years ago) and another by the Pentatonix (brand new celebrating their upcoming tour) which is fantastic! This song is classic forever!

  3. I love it when music brings back memories Jenni. Mine is waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up to go to high school in her 1970 green mustang. Listening to the song I wrote “sounds of silence” in chalk on my brick porch.

  4. Absolutely – classic and etched in some of our minds forever! Thanks for your comment Charlie!

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