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Music Therapy

January 20, 2020

Kate Beever’s work

Maine Music & Health is the work of music therapist Kate Beever. Kate is a board-certified music therapist who studied at USM School of Music and earned her Master’s degree in Music Psychotherapy from New York University. She spent many years working for Frank Glazier and shares that story in this BLOG POST

Kate has been recognized many times, her work highlighted and in December this piece on her work was featured on News Center Maine and interviewed by Lindsey Mills. The piece recognizes the power of music and the importance of music therapy. Kate has concerts coming up as well as retreats and learning opportunities. performances coming up as well as self care workshops.

Upcoming Events: Expressive Wellness self-care retreat, February 22
Supervision sessions offered this winter, via Skype and in person on Wednesdays at Good Medicine

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