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Becoming Better

April 7, 2020

Opportunities to grow as a teacher

Feels a bit like we’re building the plane as we fly it. Last week a teacher emailed me and said: “Most days I feel like this has all the bad of teaching and none of the good but it’s getting easier to connect with my kids online so my mood is improving.” 

We can’t undo what is going on but according to the CDC we can help flatten the curve by doing what is suggested and now required by Governor Mills. And, the little things we are doing everyday for our students is contributing to the good of the situation. What you’re doing is ordinary to some but it’s extraordinary to me. THANK YOU!

I’m sure you’re getting BETTER without even knowing. I hope that included in your daily routines are something you’re doing to take care of yourself. If you’re not taking care of yourself it will be difficult to take care of others. We need you healthy!


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