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Maine Audubon Duck Stamp Challenge

April 13, 2020


Congratulations to all the impressive young artists who entered this year’s Maine Junior Duck Stamp challenge! There were more than 500 entries from students in grades K through 12. The federal program, which was coordinated in Maine by Maine Audubon, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and L.L. Bean, teaches wetland and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. The program encourages students to explore their natural world, invites them to investigate biology and wildlife management principles, and challenges them to express and share what they have learned with others.

On March 11, five judges gathered at L.L. Bean to evaluate all the entries and make some tough choices. The panel included Maine Audubon Staff Naturalist Doug Hitchcox, artists Michael Boardman, Bevin Holmberg, and Georgette Kanach, and USFWS biologist Kirsten Underwood. For each of the four age group categories, they chose three First Place winners, three Second Place winners, three Third Place winners, and Honorable Mentions. They also chose one overall Best in Show as well as a Best in Show Conservation Message.

Grades K-3 First, Second, and Third Place

1st place: Mason Mehalic-Falmouth, Jessica Loiselle-Sebago, Harley Morgan-Bangor

2nd place: Cooper Nye-Bangor, Karli Maling-Kennebunk, Khloe Hartford

3rd place: Gabrielle Atwater, Gitta Reed-Presque Isle, Mayka LaPierre-Bangor

Honorable mention: Miley Cobb, 8; Devonte Dailey, 7, Bangor; Isaac Dyer, 9; Gavin Hopkins, 9; Nevaeh Jennings, 8, Bangor; Emmanuelle Karsh, 8, Bangor; Karina Ludtke, 7, Milford; Theodore Lynch, 8, Eliot; Evan Lynch, 5, Eliot; Freyja Mattsen, 7, Bangor; Stephen McDunnah, 6, Milford; Raquel Murphy, 8; Claire Treadwell, 6, Bangor; Mackenzie Vigue, 9, Castle Hill

Grades 4-6: First, Second, and Third Place 

1st place: Olivia Lindsay-Sebago, Margaret Lynch-Eliot, Olivia Lindsay-Sebago, Ariah Lowell-Biddeford


2nd place: Ada Cote-Mappleton, Annabelle Johnson-Fort Fairfield, Carrlyn Buck-Mappleton


3rd place: Julien Kind-Wiscasset, Liana Seavey, Lilly Mae Awamle-Bremen

Honorable mention: Kylie Antworth, 10, Brewer; Flannery Brady, 9, Hallowell; Katie Clark, 11, Stella Damon, 10, Brewer; Caleb Dyer, 10, Josiah Guiltner, 13, Perry; Huckleberry Huber-Rees, 11, Alna; Deven Hughes, 11; Olivia Larson, 10; Bristol Mignery, 10, Bowdoin; Brianna Olivares, 9, Milford; Aiden Ouellette, 10, Westfield; Tessa Powell, 11; Brooke Randall, 10, Sebago; Henry Robinson, 9, Chapman; Dylan Smith, 10, Sebago; Madeline St. Cyr, 9, Sebago

Grades 7-9: First, Second, and Third Place

1st place: Elektrah Lowell-Biddeford, Madelyn Thomas-Durham, William Lynch-Eliot

2nd place: Corin Baker, Peter Harrington-Milford, Sarah Guiltner-Perry

3rd place: Haley Moore-MIlford, Maria Perconti, Tucker Frank-Farmington

Honorable Mention: Dakota Curtis, 13; Savannah Edgecomb, 12; Ian Gatcomb, 12; Jordan Green, 13, Robert Lombardo, 14, Milford; Amelia Madigan; Tanner Mason, 13; Kylee McCarthy, 13, Milford; Harriet McKane, 13, Wiscasset; Shoin Mirzoyev; Jessie Patterson, 12; Angelina Pillsbury, 14, Durham; Reagan Planche, 15, Durham; Elizabeth Racicot, 12; Jayden Sullivan, 13; Carter Wilson

Grades 10-12: First, Second, and Third Place 

1st place: Catherine Lynch-Eliot, Saffron Labos-Freeport, Dena Arrison-Freeport

2nd place: Margaret Kazan-Durham, Celia Zimba-Freeport, Helen Pope-South Freeport

3rd place: Caden Benedict-Freeport, Vivien Crawford-Freeport, Aynslie Decker-Durham

Honorable Mention: Emma Barry, 16, Freeport; Kayla Bernier, 16, Durham; Abby Cadorette, 18, Bangor; Cecilia Cobbs, 17, Durham; Reagan Davis, 18, Freeport; Galina Fallon, 17, Durham; Edie Hayden-Hunt, 17, Pownal; Eliza Howe, 15, Durham; Jacie Lavers, 15, Freeport; Bailey McGee, 18, Durham; Marjorie McLeod, 17, Durham; Emily Perilla, 18, Freeport; Raveen Punosian, 17, Freeport; Sydney Silva, 17, Freeport; Magnolia Sinisi, 18, Freeport; Nora Soule, 16, Pownal.

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