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2,020 Books Challenge

May 2, 2020

Educate Maine and Teacher of the Year program

On March 27, Educate Maine launched the 2,020 Books Challenge to get 2,020 books into the hands of Maine students while supporting our local booksellers. It’s been one month and we’ve been inspired daily by the outpouring of support – big and small – and the words of encouragement offered by generous contributors to the challenge. As of April 27, we’re counting over  567 books from local booksellers toward this goal (every $10 contributed counts as one book) with over 8,000 additional booksbeing donated directly.

Click on this image to read the details.

Please help us spread the word about the challenge so we can continue to support students and our local booksellers. As you know, instructions on how to contribute to the challenge are on our website, and you can track progress via Educate Maine’s social media channels.

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