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Make the World Better

May 13, 2020

EL Education

This music video was composed, rehearsed, and performed by EL (Expeditionary Learning) Education students during the covid19 crisis while in physical isolation. It was made in two weeks in order to celebrate Better World Day, a day on which EL Education students contribute to their communities. The students accomplished this while also doing distance learning and in some cases helping siblings and working at essential jobs. This could not have been possible without the families who supported their children’s creative contributions while quarantined. This collaborative effort to bring joy, give gratitude, and offer comfort during a time of crisis is an example of the EL Education community doing more than we think possible. Even when apart, we’re going to make the world better.
#BetterWorldDay #ELEducation

Music Production by Sean Brennan

Featuring 34 Student Musicians from 11 schools in 7 states

<p><a href=”″>Make the World Better</a> from <a href=””>EL Education</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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