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Honoring Allen Graffam

May 25, 2020

One amazing educator

I had the pleasure of meeting Allen Graffam many years ago at a conference. I knew immediately that he was an educator with integrity, completely dedicated to his Mt. Ararat High School students on multiple levels. Sadly, Allen passed away on May 23rd from cancer.

Allen understood the meaning of the importance of relationships, the way he taught, learned, coached, performed with the Blue Hill Brass, and lived his life. A piece of Allen will live on in his music students, the athletes he guided on the softball field, and the many other students and adults he inspired throughout his life. Allen’s many contributions and commitment to education are appreciated throughout Maine. In the words of one of his students: “I truly don’t know anyone who didn’t wholeheartedly appreciate this man. He inspired so many who shared his love of music to keep following that passion. He touched more lives than we can count, bettering all of us in so many ways.” Thank you Allen!

In honor of Allen, I’m including two videos. The first is Allan singing ‘What a Wonderful Life’ in 2012 with the Blue Hill Brass which he was also a trumpet player.

The second is a video performed by 30 celebrated trumpet players from 14 different countries. The piece is inspired by Ryan Anthony called ‘A Hope for the Future‘ written by Matt Catingub as a tribute to the true frontline heroes around the globe, health care specialists dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic! It includes classical soloists, jazz artists, educators, and is dedicated to all those around the world who care for us. Allen cared for many during his lifetime!


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