MALI 2020

May 30, 2020

Summer Institute

MALI 2020 Summer Institute: Quarantine Edition is happening! Yes it will look different. Still FREE! Even amidst constant change the MALI Program Design Team is developing a very dynamic and timely series of virtual Professional Development offerings this summer.

The featured speaker is a leader in the field of Leadership and Resilience, Larry McCullough of the Pinetree Institute in Eliot, who will be speaking about cutting edge research on the balance between adverse and positive childhood experiences, and a framework for VPA classroom strategies to meet that balance.    In additional to a Leadership trainer, Larry has been a professional dancer, dance instructor, and classroom educator with a Masters in Arts Education.
This year’s Institute will explore
  • Leading with Resilience;
  • Embedding Social and Emotional Learning in our Teaching, Ourselves, and Our Communities;
  • Arts Advocacy.  
Deadline for Applications: June 1 – direct link:
Application for new participants.
About Larry McCullough
Dr. Larry McCullough is Founder and Executive Director of Pinetree Institute, a nonprofit organization based in Eliot, Maine, established in 2012 to promote the well-being of individuals, families and communities. with particular focus on addressing issues related to ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and the buffering effect of Positive Experiences in approaches to trauma-informed care.  Pinetree Institute offers workshops at its learning center at Pinetree Farm in Eliot and a wide variety of community-based programs in the Seacoast NH / Southern Maine region. 
In addition to his work with Pinetree Institute, Larry has over 30 years experience working with major corporations, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations in the areas of leadership development, change management, and strategic planning.  Since 2011 Larry has served as lead designer and a lead facilitator for the highly acclaimed Experienced Leadership Program at Ford Motors which combines elements of building personal resilience with strategic people leadership.  Another recent key project included a major transformational leadership program for U.S. Veterans Affairs, the largest health care system in the U.S. including over 72,000 managers and supervisors which incorporated aspects of emotional intelligence, personal resilience and organizational culture transformation. 
Larry’s earliest studies were in education and in performing arts during which he received a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from UMass Amherst and taught elementary school.  During and immediately after his teaching work, Larry worked professionally in the performing arts, studying and performing in New York and co-founding a small modern dance theater company in Toronto, Ontario. In this capacity Larry performed original dance theater works in the U.S., Canada and Europe.  During this time he also ran creative arts programs for children and taught dance in several Canadian Universities. Following his dance career Larry returned to UMass Amherst completing a Master’s Degree in Arts Education followed by a Doctorate in Applied Behavioral Sciences.  Prior to his engagement in corporate training, Larry taught Human Development and Early Childhood Education at the University of New Hampshire and Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and worked with community agencies in Norfolk to create professional development programs for human services professionals.

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