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Quarantined and Confined

June 13, 2020

Making music

Most people reading this blog appreciate and value the arts in their lives. Everyday I’m hearing stories about how the arts have taken on a more important place during the pandemic. Below are two examples of music created. The first is a song written by an 8th grader from RSU# 35. The second is an example by a small group of people from across the US and beyond. If you have an example please share by emailing me at


Thank you Marshwood Middle School music teacher and Maine Arts Leadership Initiative (MALI) Teacher Leader Kris Bisson for sharing this piece written by one of her 8th grade guitar students during ‘stay at home’. The Quarantine Blues.

Marshwood Middle School Grade Eight Guitar Class: 12-BAR BLUES ORIGINAL LYRICS THE QUARANTINE BLUES ​by COLIN PHIPPS


Another long day stuck inside

A A7
Fun with my friends, dropped by the wayside

DDAA I wish we could skateboard and bike.

EDAA I’ll have to skip my hike and sing The Quarantine Blues.


Self-isolating is getting really old

A A7
But I have to do what I am told.

D D ADADADA So back on my computer I type away…..

Another day without friends playin’ and singin’ These Quarantine Blues.


Jen Feldman, Executive Director Midcoast Music Academy in Rockland shared this project that was created with friends and colleagues from different continents during the pandemic. Jen grew up in Belgium, her school-mate Marc Janssens wrote the song. Marc lives in Switzerland now. She went to school with Marc and Mike Chew, the banjo player. Jen is the one in bed. This song is about the things they miss during the pandemic. Musicians are from Virginia, Arizona, Minnesota, Switzerland, Belgium and Maine.

The original song was written and produced by independent DIY musician and singer-songwriter Marc Janssens. Musicians: Marcio Amadeu: Drums Fabio Oya: Bass Fred Werner: Percussion Jen Kuli: Vocals Julian Anthoney: Piano Mike Chew: Banjo James Ramsay: Guitar Stephanie Werner, Luca Janssens, Jeffrey Janssens: Backing vocals Marc Janssens, Vocals, guitar, and organ

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