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Blogging Again!

August 24, 2020

Last week in August!

Here we are at the last full week of August and the end to a summer vacation like no other. The Maine Arts Education blog returns today and will continue to provide resources, information, stories from teachers and learners, opportunities and so much more! I know many of you are planning for another odd school year. Schedules will vary from class to class, school to school and district to district with a mixture of half classes, two days a week, hybrid model, remote learning, on a cart, face to face and on and on. I’m certain whatever comes your way that your resilience will serve you well and that you’ll reach out to colleagues to support you along the way. I am continually amazed at the great ideas that arts educators have and on top of that their willingness to share!

Please know that I am happy to support your work in any way that I can. I invite you to share your ideas in video clips or short paragraphs that can be posted here on the Maine Arts Education blog. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at

My summer has been filled with reading, exploring teaching ideas, attending zoom meetings to learn how educators are navigating this challenging time, making art, time on the water, visiting with friends and family from a distance, gardening, and canning and freezing food. Many of you are familiar with the work I’ve been part of in Malawi with the Go! Malawi program. Several volunteers sewed 300 dresses and pants for the children, and 300 masks for members of the community. They were shipped on July 29th along with integrated arts education lesson plans. Even though we couldn’t travel to Malawi in June to take everything and to provide workshops we were thrilled we found a way to ship everything. Our friends in Malawi are grateful for the gifts and to everyone who helped!



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