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Teaching Empathy

September 1, 2020


TEDEd provides multiple opportunities for teachers and students. Teachers can create video based lessons, students can create student talks and educators can give TEDEd talks. What a wonderful avenue TEDEd is for teachers to tell their stories, share their ideas and use their voices. Art educator and 2018 Ohio State Teacher of the Year Jonathan Juravich provided a presentation on the TEDEd stage on Empathy. He is a K-5 art teacher at the Liberty Tree Elementary School in Powell, Ohio.

Jonathan is “interested in finding ways to teach empathy, go beyond catchphrases, and instill an awareness of others that can be expressed through action”. Growing up with his blind grandmother had a huge influence on Jonathan’s development of empathy. I love hearing Jonathan’s story and hope you will as well. At the end of the story you can engage in the questions, thinking and discussing that TEDEd provides. You can sign up for a daily email from TEDEd with a lesson plan.

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