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10 Minutes

September 25, 2020

Does meditation turbocharge your brain?

Published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience a study showing that “10 minutes of mindfulness meditation can improve a person’s cognitive abilities”. In a time when we’re filled with challenges teaching and learning during a world-wide pandemic if you’re not a meditator perhaps you’ll consider adding this to your daily routine. We can learn from those who do meditate on a daily basis. Hey, it can’t hurt, right?!

Photo credit: Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images

Hedy Kober, senior author and associate professor of psychiatry and psychology at Yale, “We have known for a while that people who practice meditation for a few weeks or months tend to perform better on cognitive tests, but now we know you don’t have to spend weeks practicing to see improvement.” She adds, “We don’t know if longer meditation sessions, or multiple sessions, would improve their cognitive scores, and we look forward to testing that in future studies.” Her co-lead on the project was Catherine Norris at Swarthmore.

Read or listen to the article authored by Robby Berman titled Just 10 minutes of meditation turbocharges your brain’. 

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