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I LOVE The Muppets!

October 2, 2020

With a Little Help from My Friends

I’ve always loved The Muppets and for many years I’ve been inspired by Jim Henson. Hard to believe that he’s been gone for 30 years. I am so happy that the Muppets have continued in different ways for so long. And, here they are on the Late Show with James Corden.

Although James Corden, Reggie Watts and The Late Show Band The Muppets couldn’t be together in a studio, the group came together on video chat to sing The Beatles classic “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Sing along with Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, Swedish Chef, Animal, Gonzo and so many more.

Looking for silver linings? I suggest that you watch this (and sing at the top of your voice) today or tomorrow – at the end of another week during a pandemic. I promise you’ll be moving by the end of it! Afterwards call a friend.

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