Arts Are My Superpower

October 7, 2020

 #ArtsAreMySuperpower is a national campaign launched recently with Theatre for Young Audiences USA and 20,000 member youth arts institutions. The campaign is taking place throughout the month of October and is designed to empower young people’s artistic and civic voices across disciplines and regions, unifying national voices in support of communities’ choirs, orchestras, bands, ensembles, dance companies, theatres, museums, arts programs, and arts workers everywhere.

Specifically, #ArtsAreMySuperpower will empower young people to:

1. THINK about the ways they have been impacted by the arts in their community

2. WRITE a letter to their Senator

3. SHOW their “superpower” through their art: singing, instrument, visual art, acting, dance, puppets, etc.

4. POST their superpower and their letter to social media, tagging their Senators, @beanartshero (Instagram) or @BeAnArtsHero1 (Twitter), and hashtag: #ArtsAreMySuperpower, #ArtsHero, and #DAWNAct

5. MAIL their letter using the Post Office

For inspiration, you may enjoy this video created by the bassists from the Metropolitan Opera to the LA Philharmonic, and the many symphony orchestras in between. It was made independently but specifically for and the DAWN Act. It is a true gift. And a testament to how artists are coming together during this unprecedented and historic moment. 

Information about the campaign with details and suggested templates for young people ages 0-9, 10-13, and 14+. can be found at: https://beanartshero.com/arts-are-my-superpower

Your support and engagement in this campaign are welcome and you are encouraged by the campaign to share with colleagues. You can find more info about the individuals responsible for the campaign at www.BeAnArtsHero.com.

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