The Show Must Go On

November 6, 2020

Virtual choir

I learned in a Mindshift article about theater programs that continued throughout the summer. I came across this virtual choir including ‘All-Star Thespians’ from across the globe. Their performance saved in this YouTube video kicked off the first-ever Virtual International Thespian Festival. The virtual choir features 90 students from 38 states and 3 countries, plus Broadway performers Jason Alexander, Norbert Leo Butz, Joshua Colley, E. Clayton Cornelius, Janine DiVita, Matt Gumley, Sam Harris, Annabelle Kempf, Analise Scarpaci. I was moved by their performance “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman…and hope that it brings a smile to your face on this Friday.


  1. Thanks Argy! This certainly brought a smile to my face!

  2. Hello all … Good thought …
    Virtual is going to be the thing for some time in the Arts.
    Please help spread the good news that I now offer a FREE online, interactive, late 19th century international coffee house café / cabaret for discussion, music, lessons and Cancan. All via Microsoft Teams”,
    See http://www.TheresaVaughn.com
    Hopefully this can help promote a very needed renaissance.

  3. Oh good to hear Bill – love knowing you have a smile on your face! ~Argy

  4. Thank you for sharing your information. It will be seen here by over a thousand readers. ~Argy

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