Transmission Times

December 4, 2020

3 Maine artists sharing

Since mid-March Katie Semro has been making the podcast Transmission Times using audio diaries from people around the world about life during the pandemic. She’s done a special episode on Artists. There are 14 artists in all, 3 from Maine, and it’s filled with their pandemic stories as well as clips of their art. The episode is wonderful as are all of the episodes. Voices from around the world reminds me ‘we are not alone’. They share their struggles and their surprises. Many of the artists mention ‘the silver lining’ and art they’ve created that they would never have during a non-pandemic time. You can listen at THIS LINK.

You can tell your stories as well by recording on your smartphone and email them to Katie at ksemro@gmail.com, or call 847-354-4163 and leave your answers as a voicemail.

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