60th Anniversary

January 27, 2021

Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School

This is a special year for us here at Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School with offices and studios in Camden. 2020 marked the 60th Anniversary of our organization while this coming spring ushers in 10 years for our Music School. We could not have anticipated that both of these milestones would be celebrated in the face of a global pandemic but it has made us ever more mindful of the important role music plays in our lives. At Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School our mission is to enrich the lives of people in our community through high-quality concert programs, music education and community engagement. Through both our performing arts series which introduces a wealth of diverse and varied musicians to the Midcoast and our music school, which offers high quality private and group instruction, we strive to make classical and new music accessible to all. 

To say this year has presented us all with challenges would perhaps be an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic, which first impacted our lives in March has continued to limit our daily comings and goings, our travel plans, and holiday gatherings. Without the option to host live events, our summer and fall have been notably quiet. While this has in many ways been difficult, it has also offered us a unique opportunity for reflection. We are continually inspired by the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that our Music School has showcased. In the face of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, the desire to hear, create, learn and listen has triumphed.

When we first closed our doors in March it was with deep sadness and anxiety, and yet through the efforts of our staff, faculty, and Music School families the shift to virtual lessons, while certainly not without its hiccups, was a smooth one. Now, as fall shifts into winter we are proud to be offering both limited in person and virtual lessons to more than 70 students. To have our offices filled with music again is a delight! A lesson we have learned in the face of these challenges is that there is immense strength and beauty in our community as we all look to find new and inventive ways to continue to forge connection and nurture joy. From our students who Skype in sonatas, and Face-time arias, to our faculty who have worked so tireless to juggle schedules, accommodate needs, and be sure that each lesson is held safely, we are so grateful for the flexibility and patience we have seen in the past months. There is immense solace and joy to be had in music and we are honored to be a part of our student’s continued journeys. 

In the face of rapid change, it has been astounding to see the ingenuity that surrounds us. This month we will be screening our student recitals, filmed at home or with an instructor, on the wall of the Shepherd Building in Rockport Village and inviting parents and students to join us outside for a socially distanced viewing. Finding ways to continue to come together, safely and joyously, is vital in this moment and we are grateful for the support we have received from the community in helping us facilitate learning, sustain growth and continue to offer our programming even in the midst of so much uncertainty.

Spring Registration is now open! We will be offering virtual and limited in-person private lessons, Chamber Groups and Ensembles beginning February 1st, 2021. Bay Chamber Music School welcomes students of all ages and musical backgrounds. We are committed to making music education affordable and accessible to all. Scholarship assistance is available to those who qualify. 

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