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Monhegan Artist Residency

March 4, 2021

2-week Summer Residency for art teachers

This is a great opportunity for teachers and artists to practice your art in a beautiful location. This opportunity is saved for Maine K-12 art teachers and for Maine artists. The Maine Artist Residency was established in 1989 for artists only by a couple who imagined the opportunity for Maine artists. Six years later the arrangement turned into a non-profit called Monhegan Artists Residency Corporation (MARC) and donors came forward to help support the idea. In 2013 a second residency was established just for Maine art teachers.

March 19 Deadline for Monhegan Artist Residency

This year, MARC is offering two residencies: 

2-week summer residency from Saturday, July 2 through Friday July 16, 2021 – designated for Maine K-12 art teachers

5-week fall residency from Monday, September 6 through Monday October 11, 2021. 

Both residencies are located at Elva’s Old PO, in the center of the village overlooking the meadow. The building offers both studio and living space, along with a private deck that overlooks the meadow filled with migratory birds in the fall. There is a stipend of $150 per week to support living expenses while you are on the island.

Applications, including images of your work and a narrative, are made through the Submittable website at THIS LINK and are open through March 19. Applicants will be notified by April 19.

Artwork by Jody Dube

Last year Lewiston High School art teacher Jody Dube was selected for the residency and he said the following:

“My time on Monhegan was as much a spiritual retreat as an artist residency. It afforded me time… time away from all the cares, pressures, and distractions that tend to clutter the mind and make it difficult to gather ones thoughts properly in the cause of making art. I had a rare opportunity to step aside from time itself and experience genuine immersion into a creative mindset. I’d been moving with clear intention toward two-dimensional work since springtime and the isolation of COVID-19, preparing for the residency by establishing a drawing practice. The physical beauty of Monhegan’s rocky shores and the majesty of Cathedral Woods profoundly inspired me. The freedom of my island life allowed me to delve deeper and explore ideas more than I ever could amidst the distractions of my routines back at home. The Monhegan Artist Residency board thoughtfully addressed challenges brought on by the pandemic and I was provided with excellent accommodations and careful planning for my physical safety, for which I am deeply appreciative. I began several pieces on the island that will be completed over the next several months. The experience will remain with me for a lifetime.”

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