April 19, 2021


Reach out and ask a question, collect the comments and post them in the teachers room and if you want to be really brave post them in the hallway. Your students will know that you care about each other and them.

What am I talking about? Well, this is it, Spring vacation for Maine students and teachers is this week. Hopefully it’s a chance to rest and work on filling your cup. We know if our cups are not full it’s difficult to help support others and be our best in the classroom. Everyone knows it’s been a tough year, some admit that their energy has been zapped and yet others are able to see the silver linings.

So, what can we do to help support our colleagues and our school community for the rest of the school year? And still take care of ourselves? Here’s one suggestion – reach out to your colleagues and ask them to name one positive thing about the school year. Perhaps it is a silver lining, an unintentional consequence or something that someone said or did that surprises the heck out of you. Write the comments on paper hearts and hang them in the teachers room or hallway or each day read one during morning announcements or put them on the school kiosk or put it on the schools website or social media page. It is sure to lift spirits and simply let people know how much they are cared for and it will send a clear message to your students.

Comments I’ve heard that fit

At the Maine Art Ed Association virtual spring conference a couple of weeks ago Rangeley Lakes Regional School Art Teacher Sonja Johnson said: “The Art classroom is a place of awakening this year”.  This puts a different twist on the year and when I think about it the comment is filled with truth!

Last week I received an email from Edward Little Music Teacher Bill Buzza that included: “Today was the first day of bringing our two hybrid cohorts back into our building for 5 days a week. The energy was exciting and refreshing as the students got to interact with each other again – kind of like the first day of school of a new year.  And they were so thrilled to be hearing the sound of the full band again!” 

The way I see it the pandemic continues to offer us gifts! Not seeing them, try looking in a different direction like up into the trees to the sky and clouds. Take a moment to consider the gifts. What are yours? Please share at the bottom of this blog post or email me at meartsed@gmail.com. Thanks!

Cedar Island, Liberty, Maine

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