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So Long Eric

May 29, 2021

Author Artist Eric Carle dies

I love the work of Eric Carle and am sad to know he has left this world. Fortunately, his books are an incredible legacy that has provided so much for so many. Eric died earlier this week at the age of 91 from kidney failure in his studio in Massachusetts. He was best known for his classic “A Very Hungry Caterpillar” but he created over 70 children’s books.

His unique paper collage illustration style makes his books distinctive and instantly recognizable. Not only do his books include these collages but his messages are simply written and powerful. With his passing this week, the world has lost not only an artist but a simply lovely human being. A story has gone viral on facebook told by a woman who was touched by Eric’s kindness when her cat went missing. Lara B. Sharp’s story is at THIS LINK.

“Heaven just got more colorful,” Peter H. Reynolds, author and illustrator of “The Dot,” wrote in tribute on Twitter. Carle, he said, “made his mark, splashing bravely and inspiring those around him to do the same.”

Through books like “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” “Do You Want to Be My Friend?” and “From Head to Toe,” Carle introduced universal themes in simple words and bright colors.

“The unknown often brings fear with it,” Carle once observed. “In my books I try to counteract this fear, to replace it with a positive message. I believe that children are naturally creative and eager to learn. I want to show them that learning is really both fascinating and fun.”

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