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Student Reflections on 2020

June 28, 2021

What would your students say?

Below is a video from TED Ed Student Talks. Students throughout the world were asked to reflect on what they learned in 2020 and share their thoughts. The comments included some of this: Climate change, Black Lives Matter, isolation, separation, high risk, losing a loved one, stopping fearing change, start leading through change, hopeful, I am not alone, extremely crucial to adapt, sanitize my hands several times through the day, focus on finding myself, sharing ideas, unparalleled experiences, reducing our footprint, supporting health care workers, something good will come out of this, people from all over the world can unite, how important it is to stay socialized and stay connected with others, pandemic give us opportunities, courage, a better world, diversity, we shall not be pitied who lost out but the generation to do better.

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